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Mobile two-masted platform MP-12/14-130

Mobile two-masted platform MP-12/14-130COMPOSITION:

PURPOSE: placing of telecommunication equipment, electronic intelligence and electronic warfare system, means of opticoelectronic surveillance.

Basic technical characteristics

1. ChassisMAZ-МАЗ-631705-364R2
2. Number of masts2
3. Height of lifting equipment by mast, m12/14
4. Weight of equipment, kgup to 2x130
5. Number of levels of stretch marks masts2
6. Folding/deployment time, minup to 30
7. Limiting angle of inclination area deployment, degree3
8. Crew, persons4
9. Lifting masts from the pneumatic system chassis or compressor
10. The power of the supply unit, kWt2x14
11. Type of BCBC-3.8